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Every business, particularly at times of challenge, uncertainty and change, can benefit from developing a coaching culture which builds the skills of its leaders and their teams.

At JK Executive Coaching we work with leaders and their teams across all industries and business types in the UK and Ireland. Our coaching methods facilitate personal and professional growth. 

For example, we can support our clients in the following ways:

  • Bringing about behavioural change
  • Prompting personal desire and accountability for change
  • Managing transitions
  • Managing stress and anxiety
  • Enhancing motivation and goal congruence
  • Team coaching
  • Team development 
  • Team facilitation
  • Maximising cross-cultural influences

We use telephone and digital coaching to supplement our coaching support for clients.

Coaching Methodology


Using a variety of approaches including cognitive behavioural coaching, motivational interviewing, positive psychology and mindfulness, our coaching style incorporates a range of evidence based practice. This can also include the use of values or strengths clarification, creative tools, personality profiling, cultural orientation analysis and other psychometrics. Increasingly, our clients also enjoy guided reflective practice.

Recent research suggests that a flexible and inclusive coaching approach results in improved personal and professional performance, increased motivation, enhanced well-being and the development of more effective coping strategies. 

Several recent studies also point to the positive therapeutic and restorative effects of spending time in nature, and to the connection between mental and physical health. Therefore, as part of our approach for individual clients, we incorporate coaching whilst walking, and coaching in nature.

Even in the largest cities, parks, canal paths, riversides and roof gardens can make perfect venues for outdoor coaching!

About Kirsty


Kirsty Wells is an Executive Coach working with leaders and their teams.

 With commercial experience spanning twenty years and membership of The British Psychological Society's 'Special Group in Coaching Psychology,' Kirsty has experience of HR consultancy, commercial HR roles, graduate recruitment, OPQ profiling, team development, assessment centres and executive search. Kirsty has a Postgraduate Diploma in HRM and has held Chartered MCIPD status since 1995. She has a Professional Certificate in Coaching and a Postgraduate Diploma in Coaching and Behavioural Change from Henley Business School, University of Reading. 


Kirsty has particular interest in motivation theory, coaching psychology and neuroscience. She aims to incorporate coaching methods and psychological approaches which can build leadership qualities, reduce the impact of bias and thinking errors, facilitate resilience development and improve creativity.

Kirsty is currently working with cross-cultural teams on a diversity led development initiative which incorporates constellations.

Our Coaching

We have worked with our clients in the following ways...

TEAM COACHING:: Creating high-performing teams using psychometrics, cross-cultural team coaching  and constellations

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: Growing self-belief,  building resilience, personality testing, developing emotional intelligence, creative thinking

LEADERSHIP: Developing influencing skills, enhancing strategic thinking, handling conflict, enhancing leadership presence

SKILLS AND PERFORMANCE: Growing career capability, facilitating behavioural change, problem-solving, making challenging decisions

MAKING MEANING: Personal values congruence, personal strengths analysis, goal setting and work-life balance

WORKSHOPS: 'Mindfulness: Build Your Brainpower'. Workshops which develop quick and effective techniques to boost resilience and improve problem-solving ability


'Kirsty is a charming but very focused professional. She has the ideal mix of compassion and cool analysis that makes her very effective.'

Senior Financial Services Executive,


'Kirsty challenged where necessary and gave me confidence to deal with very challenging circumstances, face them with confidence and be fully prepared.'

Partner in a Law Firm, 

City of London

'Kirsty was able to see the underlying problem area in a particular situation. She helped me to see how to come to terms with the problem and then resolve it.'

Owner of a European Translation Business,


'As a result of my coaching with Kirsty, I am definitely feeling more proactive and my goals are more focused. I am thinking more creatively which helps with problem-solving, and I am contributing more in departmental meetings.'

Projects Manager, International Banking,


'We worked together on a values clarification exercise which was really useful for me. Coaching has helped me consider things of significance in my life and I have gained increased clarity and confidence as a result.'

Senior IT Security Executive,


'Kirsty's coaching style is focused, supportive and tailored to her client's specific needs. I have found that her seamless blend of empathy and professionalism results in very effective and collaborative coaching.' 

Senior Regulatory Lawyer,

UK and Ireland

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At JK Executive Coaching we are always pleased to hear from individuals and corporate clients who seek collaborative coaching which builds leadership skills and enhances career growth potential. We are happy to visit you to discuss your coaching requirements and make no charge for these visits. 

Mobile: 07834 316365

Email: Kirsty@jkexecutivecoaching.com

Twitter: @JKExecCoaching

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